Zero Tolerance Policy

Our goal is to maintain safe and orderly schools for all of our students and staff. Each and every employee of the district is serious about providing a safe and secure environment that fosters learning and respect for others. Any student who continually and willfully disrupts the learning environment, disobeys classroom rules, or is defiant to staff will be subject to suspension. If defiance and disruptions continue; placement at an alternative educational school and/or expulsion will result.

Students are not allowed to disrupt the learning or teaching of other students.

Each and every student is expected to respect the right of others to learn and allow the staff to teach in a constructive and orderly environment.

The Zero Tolerance Policy for weapons, dangerous objects, violence, or drugs will be aggressively enforced. Any student who is involved in a fight, in possession of a weapon, a dangerous object, or any controlled substance is subject to arrest and may face criminal proceedings. Violations will result in disciplinary action that could result in suspension, transfer to an alternative educational school and/or possible expulsion from the Gilroy Unified School District for two semesters. Each student will follow these simple rules or risk being expelledThe following rules will be enforced at Gilroy Unified School District as part of the Zero Tolerance Policy:            

  1. Acts or threats of violence, including fights, will result in suspension and/or possible expulsion. Any student who engages in any violent act will be given 5 days of suspension for the first offense and may be recommended for expulsion for the first incident depending on the degree and severity of the incident. All second offenses WILL result in a recommendation for expulsion.            
  2. Any student who threatens any staff members in any manner will be subject to expulsion.  
  3. Any student who participates in an incident that threatens the safety of others will also be recommended for expulsion.            
  4. Possession of any weapon or dangerous object will automatically result in recommendation for expulsion.            
  5. It is each student's responsibility to report any weapons, dangerous objects, or possible incidents that  couldcompromise the safety of the school. If any student has knowledge of any situation that could lead to violence, they must report to school staff immediately.            
  6. Only the official Gilroy Unified School District hat can be worn. NO other hat, hairnet, or other head coverings are allowed.            
  7. Writing of any type is not permitted (except for name) on notebooks, backpacks, folders, books and personal belongings. Any items with writing on them will be confiscated and returned to parent.            
  8. Gang related apparel, bandannas, jewelry, hats, chains are not permitted. Clothing that by color, arrangement, trademark or symbol denotes membership in a gang or grooming that denotes gang activity is not permitted. Apparel or jewelry promoting drugs, alcohol, or obscene vulgar, or questionable messages is not allowed.            
  9. Any violation of dress requirements, which the school official suspects is symbolic of gang affiliation or behavior, will be reported to the police.            
  10. Pants must be able to be worn at the waist without a belt so that underwear is not exposed. Sagging pants will not be allowed. Clothing that exposes the midsection or underclothing is not acceptable.            
  11. Tagging or graffiti is not permitted and will result in suspension, expulsion, arrest and loss of driving privilege.  

The following consequences will be enforced by all staff to insure compliance of the Zero Tolerance Policy:             

  1. All students who are not in compliance with the dress code will be referred to the office.             
  2. Hats, apparel, or any item with writing on it will be taken from students and returned after parent contact, at which time the Zero Tolerance Policy will be reviewed with parent and student.  
  3. Parent contact will be made on every referral for non-compliance of the Zero Tolerance Policy.
  4. Continued defiance of the Zero Policy Policy will result in expulsion for continued disruption and defiance.